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About gordart Gallery (First Chapter 2004 - 2006)


I feel that there is a particular need when it comes to newly graduated artists from Art - schools and Universities, as there are not many places to show work in. Most recent graduates have not had the opportunity to establish themselves in the Johannesburg Art world. Most of these newcomers would not be considered by the major galleries because they are unknown factors. There is a need for a space that will serve as a “first step gallery” showing works in a clean and professional environment that is visited by curators, gallerists, collectors, dealers, agents and corporate art consultants. The effect of this is that new artists are introduced into the art circuit from which major galleries and curators can then select for future shows.


While running Pelmama Academy in Soweto, I was constantly being approached by artists wanting to know how to get an exhibition somewhere. Most often I could do little more than tell them to try every available route from flea markets, competitions, group shows in their own houses through to cold canvasing at the doors of established galleries. Through my frustration of not being able to help more I developed a burning desire to provide a space for those who have not had the opportunity for art exposure. With a space of our own, more people like these have a better opportunity for exposure. Thus gordart Gallery was born.

As a Contemporary Developmental Gallery we become the first contact that many young artists have with the industry of Art. It is for this reason that we offer several packages for artists that show with us. These packages range from an exhibition with documentation of artwork to an exhibition including placement of advertisements in the art media, as well as the compilation of a promotional cd, linking the artists to various web sites and more. Obviously these packages differ in price depending on what the artist can afford.

We have also opened a project room called ‘Rainforest Project Room’ for small developmental shows, experimental works, projections or installations. This is proving to be very popular and due to the sponsorship from the Broking for Good Foundation run by NOAH, we are able to keep the costs to a minimum for the artist. This space forms part of what I would like to think of as the gordart Hub, where we offer a diversity of services in co-operation with our partners in the Hub.

Looking back over the first chapter of our gallery, I am pleased to still be around after 3 years and anticipate that we will grow and develop even further so as to provide greater benefit and service to the art Community. We look forward to the next chapter in the history of gordart Gallery and thank all the supporters for their ongoing support.


Next Chapter

At the start of 2007 gordart Gallery moved its premises to a new venue at 72 3rd ave Melville. This move is proving to be what the doctor ordered for the further development of our vision for the gallery. Within the new gordart Gallery we are able to accommodate not only the one main gallery space and the Rainforest project Room but a second space in the main gallery too. With the new space we are able to extend the opportunity that the gallery offers to younger artists and more established artists seeking representation in Gauteng. In addition to the three spaces under gordart gallery, our hub will also house Art source (run by Les and Taryn Cohn), who offer a range of services to the arts community including project proposals and fund raising, and Dolos Gallery featuring the works of Nicolene ( Nikki) Swanepoel and other ceramics artists.

To be continued....



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